2016 Keynote: Dr. Mark Hull

There’s a lot of buzz about PrEP, but what is it? Pre-exposure prophylaxis, an antiretroviral pill that HIV-negative people can take daily (much like a birth control pill but to prevent HIV), has been around for a few years in the USA. Numerous studies have shown that this medication, when used properly by people at high-risk for HIV, is very effective at reducing the risk of HIV infection.

Dr. Mark Hull is a national expert in HIV medicine, and is working on national guidelines for prescribing PrEP. He is an Infectious Disease attending physician at St. Paul’s Hospital, Vancouver, and a researcher at UBC.

With the drug manufacturer applying to Health Canada back in August 2015 for indication of PrEP, this will be entering the market soon as an important tool for preventing new HIV infections. Get the facts on PrEP at Inclusive Health 2016!


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